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Doctor, is this cancer?

DR NIYI'S CLINIC Dear doctor, I’m a single 23 years old lady.  Two months ago, I noticed a soft swelling on my private part. Although it is not painful, it becomes more pronounced each time I have sex. I went to a nearby laboratory two…

My baby refuses to suck

I have a two-week old baby who does not take to breast-feeding. All attempts to coerce her to breastfeed have failed so far. Surprisingly, she readily accepts breast milk that is expressed into a feeding bottle but I’m worried all the same.…

My wound refuses to heal

Doctor, I’m a 32-year old man living Lagos. Last December, I sustained an injury on my left leg and this has become a great source of worry to me. Sometimes it heals only to open up again after a short while. I’d taken several injections…