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May & Baker goes natural

  • Launches herbal products
L-R: Executive Director, Pharma Sales & Marketing, May & Baker Nig Plc., Chukutem Chukuka, MD/CEO Nnamdi Okafor,  CEO Siddh:ayu Ayurvedic Research Foundation Pvt. Ltd, Pranav Sharma and the Vice President, Devendra Jaroliya  at the launch of the new products.

May & Baker Nig. Plc., Nigeria’s first pharmaceutical company, opened a new chapter in its operation in the country last week, with the launch of a new set of herbal products.

Working in partnership with Siddh:ayu Ayurvedic Research Foundation Pvt. Ltd of India, the company assures Nigerians that the new products, like its other pharmaceutical products, would help improve the quality of life of every citizen.

Speaking at the product launch in Lagos, the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer Mr. Nnamdi Okafor said the company’s decided to branch into herbal medicine to cater for the needs of Nigerians who are still not comfortable with the use of orthodox medicines.

“Over the years we have built some good reputations with orthodox medicines but we are also aware that there are a good number of Nigerians who are concerned about the side effect of some of orthodox medicines and they will rather use some herbal medicines.

“Because, as a company,  our mission is to improve the quality of life of every Nigerian throughout their life, we see it as a responsibility to ensure that those Nigerians who are for some reasons scared of taking the orthodox medicines are covered.

“So we feel that in order to ensure that these people get the right quality medicine that they desire, we as a company, should go into this space,” he said.

Speaking further, he explained: “As the pharmaceutical company that has the pedigree of being the first in many things, we are also a listening company that feels the pulse of Nigerians. We consistently look out for new, effective and lasting ways of fulfilling this mission.

“We have also noted that nature is still the best healer and most times offers the best options in improving total quality of life.

“This led us, years ago, to search out better treatment options for some ailments and today, we can proudly say we have partnered with a global longstanding name in Ayurvedic medicine, Siddh:ayu, to better serve our mission in Nigeria, through nature care,” he said, adding that Nigerians that crave for quality herbal products could now have them in all pharmaceutical and retail shops nationwide or visit online for personal delivery.

Among the different range of products launched include products for cough, congestion & sorethroat; for relaxation and natural quality sleep, among others.

In his remarks, the Chief Executive Officer, Siddh:ayu Ayurvedic Research Foundation Pvt. Ltd, Pranav Sharma who was delighted over the launch, gave assurance on the products’ quality. He noted that his company which was established by his grandfather for the last 100 years have reputation for quality, research, publications and information dissemination on herbal medicines.

“It’s absolutely the honour and privilege to actually have May & Baker as our partner.  Just as quality has been the founding pillars of M&B, Siddh:ayu Ayurvedic has been a brand in India in the last 100 years purely on the basis of quality and quality assurance and the goodwill that we’ve been able to create as well.

So, we are really looking forward to this partnership here in Nigeria and hope it will bring success to both the companies and we are able to create a legacy like we’ve been able to create in India for ourselves in Nigeria as well in time to come,” Sharma said.

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